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Author versus Writer…

I read a blog not too long ago on the wording of “aspiring writer,” and how it implies that someone is “aspiring to write” instead of actually being a “writer.” Writers write. That’s what we do. If you’re “aspiring to write,” you’re not a writer, right? Wow, that’s a mouthful.

Anyways, when it comes to distinguishing those who are published versus those who aren’t, what do you call those who haven’t reached that point yet? I think “aspiring author” might be a better term since I visualize the term “author” as being someone who has a career writing. Of course, people could say that “writer” and “author” are the same thing. Just a different word. Besides, when reading bios, you tend to see “author of X series available 2016.”

The simplest way to avoid issue would be to drop the word “aspiring,” which some writers/authors dislike that word anyways. There could just be “published” and “unpublished.” But when it comes down to it, I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. There isn’t going to be any one phrase that will make everyone happy, except perhaps “published author.”

What’s your opinion on the subject? How should writers be labeled? I hope you’re having a great Monday!