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Beneath the Broken Moon: Part Three

The time has come for Carmela to face the consequences of her secrets, but she never imagined she’d be dragging Derek and Brendan down with her.

Carmela Santiago has run away from home, but too hurt to think, she goes to her vampire lover for safety. She’s had enough from alpha werewolves.

Seeing the young werewolf surprises Derek Ashmore, but when he finds out what has happened to her, his vampiric blood boils. But now that she’s with him, he’ll do everything in his power to help her heal, both physically and mentally.

Alpha werewolf Brendan Kelly is worried sick about his future mate when he can’t reach her after she’s taken home. Her father is hiding something, and he’s determined to find out what it is.


The weight of the sun’s power made my limbs feel heavy and lethargic. It was rare for me to be awake with the sun still in the sky; today I’d awakened twice in the same day. But sunset was nearly upon the world now.

Two soft taps at the back door had me pushing through the haze. No one should be knocking on my door, especially at this time of day. The necromancer and his friend were certainly not that polite.

I walked to the back door, barely managing a human pace, and opened it.

Carmela leaned against the doorframe with her head bowed. When she looked up, she had a bandage on her cheek and a black eye marred her beauty. Bruises littered her soft skin. Her shoulders hunched forward, making her seem so unlike the woman I’d left at Brendan’s doorstep last night.

My heart ached for revenge.


Taking a deep breath, I drew her scent into my lungs and almost wished I hadn’t. The strong scent of a male werewolf and whiskey wafted through the air around her.

Any ill effects from the sun evaporated as it set, unleashing the full sting of my power. My blood boiled with the pure rage pounding through my veins.

Carmela winced and drew back a little. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come here.” She averted her gaze, staring down the alleyway.

I reached for her bag, but she jerked away from me. Her heart raced, and instead of a predator, she looked like prey. Grimacing, I stepped away from the door to allow her entry. “Please, come inside.”

She watched me for a moment, then walked past me, clutching the duffle to her chest. Her gaze skimmed my place as if checking for anyone else’s presence. Her shoulders trembled with nerves.

“I won’t allow anyone to harm you again. I promise.” I held out my hand again. “May I have your bag?” I nodded toward the staircase. “You can use my spare bedroom again. You’re already familiar with it. I could put your things there while you rest.”

She stared down at the bag. Her lower lip trembled, and she handed it over. “Thank you for your hospitality. I didn’t know where else to go.”

The werewolf scent on her wasn’t Brendan’s. Why didn’t she turn to her future mate? I didn’t understand. What that man did to Carmela was a crime. He’d be punished by her people, yet she turned away from them. “Why didn’t you go to Brendan, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Her breath hitched, and she shook her head. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come.” She turned toward the door, but I blocked her way. While I didn’t want her to feel trapped, she couldn’t run out on the street and put herself into more danger. A protective need reared its head. I’d do anything to help her.

“I apologize. I’m just curious why you chose me. Just give me a chance. Open up to me.” I set her bag on the floor carefully and clasped my hands in front of me, when what I most wanted was to take her in my arms and hold her. Instead, I tried to portray a relaxed disposition. But I could barely hold onto that demeanor while I was itching to kill the bastard who’d assaulted her.

“I told you. I didn’t know where else to go.” She swayed on her feet and looked like she would fall over, but caught herself at the last moment.

Reviews:Cindy Caron on Amazon wrote:

Wow! The suspense is killing me! This series is awesome. It is completely different from any other paranormal book that I have previously read, but in a good way. The characters grab onto you and drag you along on their journey of survival, tripping over many hazards thrown their way.