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Beneath the Broken Moon: Part Two

Too hurt to think straight, Carmela runs to Derek for safety; she’s had enough of alpha werewolves, but when Brendan shows up, she realizes how much he cares for her.

Carmela Santiago only wants a loving relationship with a man who cares about her. Now she struggles to choose between the alpha werewolf she's destined for and the vampire she's enchanted by, but the wrong decision could lead to deadly consequences.

Alpha werewolf Brendan Kelly knows there is more to his future mate than he knows, but he won't let anything or anyone get in the way when it comes to their destiny together.

Meeting Carmela might have been a nail in vampire Derek Ashmore's coffin. However, he can't stop thinking about her regardless of the very real danger that might pose.


The headcount began, signaling the start of the High Council meeting. I reclined in a plush red velvet chair next to Elliot, already wanting it to be over with. Many years ago, the meetings had appealed to me, and I’d listened to the drawn-out political babbling as if it all mattered. Now I forced myself to attend.

Sadly, that wasn’t the only thing worrying me. Someone was after me, and I didn’t know who or why. What did they know about me? If someone had discovered I helped Carmela... I locked the thought away. Some vampires were telepathic; thinking of her could be treacherous.

The other council members were from all walks of life, and ranged in appearance from young adult to elder. Some smelled as if they’d walked in from a shantytown, while others were well-groomed and polished.


A few kept their minor nocturne minions seated at their feet in what the council believed was a manner appropriate to their class. I didn’t subscribe to that school of thought. Who was becoming extinct? Nocturnes. Who was the threat? The humans striving to build up their numbers again.

The progress humans and nocturnes alike had made over the centuries had mostly been lost, secreted away by the human government in their laboratories and military bases. They thought their wealth could protect them from the horrors of this new post-apocalyptic life, but history had proven time and again that the average person wouldn’t be suppressed forever.

Lord Prescott entered from his private chambers at the front of the room. He appeared young and lanky, as if he was in his late teens or early twenties, but he’d been the High Council’s chairman for centuries before I was even born. The power emanating from him swept through the chamber, flooding everyone with its intensity.

Goosebumps pricked my flesh, and I clenched the arms of my chair. Elliot stiffened beside me. One would think we’d get used to this after a while, but Prescott made sure his vampires obeyed him. No one would dare to threaten his position.

“Most of you know why we’ve gathered here.” Prescott stood next to his throne. He fixed his gaze on me. “Why don’t you remind us, Derek Ashmoore. I’m sure you know, yes?”

My lips pulled away from my fangs, but I forced my expression to remain neutral. Giving him a piece of my mind wouldn’t be best. “As the chairman, I assumed you would tell everyone why we’re here.”

Prescott narrowed his grey eyes at me, then turned to another vampire. “Giles Cleaver, what’s the main item on our agenda?”

Giles, a crooked old vampire, cast a haughty glance my way before addressing Prescott and everyone else. “We are here to acknowledge the death of Tom Turner, a senior High Council member. You shall pick the newest senior member, my lord.” He bowed at the waist before sitting back down.

“You received the memo. Good.” Prescott seated himself on the throne. “As Giles said, one of our own has been murdered. This doesn’t even speak to the fact that the kindred beneath us are murdered every day by those human creatures. The Cazador... what a dreadful name.” He entwined his fingers over his flat stomach and observed the council members.

“Who is worthy of fulfilling the role of senior member? Who has earned his place among us and will act in our best interests?” He narrowed his gaze on me, and the muscles in my shoulders tensed.

Reviews:Cherri-Anne Boitson on Amazon wrote:

WHOA!! I cannot wait for the rest of this story! It is so PAWESOMELY FANGTASTIC!! I was shocked at the events taking place in this part! Sarah has definitely outdone herself...again! I am enjoying all of the elements to this story. The romance, humor, vampires, wolves, serious tones, light tones, histories, mysteries & so much more flow so fluidly to enrich this fangelicious story giving it a rich & deep storyline.