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Hello everyone! Things have been pretty hectic around here recently with the launch of my debut novel coming April 1st. I have added an appearances section to the right so that you’ll know where I will be and when. I’m excited to announce that my first interview has been posted. You can find it at Night Owl Romances: It’s so invigorating to see my book cover and an interview I’ve done on a review site. I hope you all will take a look and comment to let me know what you think.

Soon I’ll be starting a newsletter and the people who sign up for that will be automatically entered each month into the contest drawings for prizes. I’ll be posting more about that within a few days.

A little over 2 days until my Melody of Love is released! I’ve been working on editing a novella-length work-in-progress to submit and also finishing writing a novel-length WIP.