A is for Akka

Hello everyone! Today marks the start of the A to Z Challenge. This month, I’ll have a theme going on, which is creatures from folklore, mythology, or the paranormal. I’m quite excited about it, and since I’m learning Finnish, I’ve decided to start out with a Finnish spirit.

Name: Akka (means “old woman”)

Type: Deity, Spirit

Origin: Sámi, Finnish, and Estonian mythology

Description: Akka is the goddess of harvest and female fertility. She is the Finnish Earth Mother goddess, and she is closely tied to birth, farming, and death. She would be called on for earth magic and channelling. She was one of the most worshiped deities in Finland and Estonia (where she is called Maan-Eno).

In Sámi mythology in the Finnish Lapland, there’s a deity named Madderakka who is closely related to Akka. Madderakka is the goddess of childbirth. Three of her daughters, Sarakka, Juksakka, and Uksakka, take care of the child from conception to infancy.

Interesting Facts: Her husband is Ukko, the Finnish sky god, who is pretty much the equivalent of Thor with some resemblance to Odin in Norse mythology, and in Greek mythology, his equivalent would be Zeus. It’s said when they make love that thunder rolls. *grins*

She was also known as Rauni, which is from the Finnish word for mountain ash, or Rowan tree, which is sacred to her.

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