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It’s March!

Hello everyone! It’s March, and that means that we’re three months into the year. YIKES! It seems like just the other day we were bringing in the year on New Years. Where has time gone? I’m not sure, but with it being the beginning of a new month, I decided to look at my goals I mentioned to all of you at the beginning of the year to see how much closer I am to them.

And well, there’s a couple that seem to be moving in the right direction! With my novella for instance, I’ve gotten a rejection letter and then sent it out again. I should be hearing something any day now on it. *huge grin* I’m actually trying to be patient, but not overly so! hehe

I’ve been reading more. Hooray! I know, I know… as an author, I should make sure to read a lot, and I have been reading a lot of non-fiction/writing tips, but now I’m finally starting to get back into reading novels more often. And I’m loving it!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about this year. How about you? =)