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July! Conferences, Agents, and Pitching — Oh My!

So, as you all probably know, I’m going to Romance Writers of America’s National Conference this month. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of agent appointments, which I’m happy about, but that leaves me with the impending feeling that I’ll be pitching at the end of the month. Yikes! I’m a fairly quiet person, so just thinking about talking with an agent is enough to make me slightly nervous. I did it last year at Romantic Times Convention, which, besides from one appointment where I got completely frazzled and ended up forgetting parts of my story, weren’t too scary.

Right now, I’m taking a workshop by Bob Mayer on pitching. I enjoy his teaching. I read a Writer’s Digest ebook on writing by him, and I took his Warrior Writer class in December ’09. Both were excellent and informative. So far with the workshop, I feel like writing the perfect pitch that bedazzles an agent is just not one of my strengths. It’s hard to look at my own novel and figure out something to write in one sentence. Argh! But it’s only the first day of the workshop, so I’m sure my pitch will work out. =)