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K is for Kraken

The sea with its vast size has always created stories and lore of its own, ranging from whirlpools the size of small islands to magical creatures and even stories about the ends of the earth. However, few things strike seafarers with as much fear as the Kraken.

It is a massive squid capable of sinking warships and dragging them to the bottom of the sea, meanwhile creating a whirlpool that sucks down other nearby ships for miles around.

Kraken is viewed as an intelligent force of nature and the embodiment of the raging sea. It is one of the oldest and most often referred sea monsters throughout history. Its origins are tied to the Norway and Iceland, but similar stories of Kraken exists throughout seafaring cultures.

Sure, Kraken sounds like it could merely be a legend of old, but not so, there have been multiple sightings of giant squid across the globe, particularly throughout northern hemisphere and trade routes once used by Vikings. An even larger subspecies of squid, the colossal squid, has been found in the wild and reaches 33ft and possibly longer.

These recent findings suggest that there is something more to this mythological creature than meets the eye, or tentacle. Harr… harr… *grins*

Interesting Tidbits:

  • It has been the inspiration for a variety of books and movies. Here’s a link to some of those. 
  • It is usually described as being the size of a floating island and has a flotilla of smaller fish accompanying it, which makes it attractive to fishermen despite the danger. A common saying when one has great catches is, “You must have fished on Kraken.”
  • Seaworld Orlando has a roller coaster ride called Kraken. Although, their version is of a huge “dragon eel.” Regardless, it’s very fun!
So, how about you? Have you read a book, seen a movie, or been on a roller coaster ride based off the Kraken?


  1. I've imbibed the rum, does that count? Great post – I've yet to include a kraken in one of my sea-faring stories, but it could happen one day.

  2. I've never used a kraken in one of my stories, but there's always hope for the future. I've read about them and seen them in a couple of movies though.

  3. I love the kraken.

    Kraken. KRAKEN! Kraken!

    Google Ask a Ninja Dead Man's Chest to see why. Seriously hilarious.

    Visiting through the A to Z Challenge. Thanks for sharing!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Langley, that's one of my favorite roller coaster rides! =) Thanks for stopping by.

    Ella, yeah, it counts. *grin* I'd love to read that. Let me know if you do!

    C R, I haven't used kraken in any stories either. I've seen them in movies as well. If you write about one, let me know!

    Marie, thanks for stopping by!

    Lisha, I agree. It is. Thanks for commenting!

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