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L is for Lampads

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday the 13th! Some quick news to share before I dip into today’s topic. Castles & Guns, my group blog, is having our first “Giveaway from the Castle Vault”! Make sure to swing by and enter to win some of the great prizes lined up.

Name: Lampads (means “Torch Bearers” also spelled “Lampades”)

Type: khthonian nymphs (minor nature goddesses of the underworld)

Origin: Greek mythology

Description: The Lampads live in Greek mythology’s Underworld. They accompany Hecate the titan goddess who is associated with magic, witchcraft, curses, and crossroads among other things. The Lampads were given to Hecate as a gift from Zeus for her loyalty during the ten-year War of the Titans. The Lampads carry torches while they go with Hecate on her night-time travels and activities. Their torches apparently have the ability to drive people into madness.

Interesting Facts: Their Latin name is Nymphae Avernales. They’re mentioned in Latin literature such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Statius’s Silvae.

Have you heard of the Lampads before? What other creatures or beings can you think of that start with L?


  1. I was really into Greek and Roman mythology in high school and in college. I had enough credits to graduate with a minor in Greek and Roman studies, but I already had a double minor. Now I'm into faerie lore. Lamia, Laminak, Lutins and Lob are the ones that quickly come to mind. Also Laumes which I wrote about today! Great posts this month!

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