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Making progress…

Although, why is it that I’m feeling more stress about getting things done this month than I have in a while? Could it be simply that Nano is next month? Or the fact that I’m really, really ready to be finished with this urban fantasy novel? I just want to send it out again to find an agent now that it’s in good shape. Yet in some ways, the stress isn’t really helping me like the good stress Nano brings that pushes me to do insane word counts.

Blah… I’m getting through it. I might toy with my deadline to push it back. Depends on how much progress I’m getting done. I don’t want to burn out. Still need to keep up my creativity for next month, especially now that I’m in an area that gets darker and colder than sunny, warm Florida. It’ll be my first real winter in several years. Yikes! I’m excited.

I also would love to spend a few days just reading before the month is over. Not only to catch up on my 2010 TBR list, but also just to detox from editing. Haha… I don’t want to be in an editing mindset and then have to switch over to a Nano mindset of just letting my fingertips take over.