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Nano is over… What next?

What next? Good question! I’ll share what I’m focusing on now.

1. First of all, I think we all know that with most novels these days (I think including most YAs) that 50,000 words isn’t long enough to submit and think about getting an agent or an editor. My genre for this book is post-apocalyptic paranormal romance, which has required quite a lot of world building in addition to getting the story off the ground and going. Which leads to, December calls for finishing that novel. 80,000 words up to 100,000 (maybe more depending on genre) is where a person should set their aim. I personally am going for 80,000 and then hopefully adding more during revisions.

2. Taking a break! I’m going on vacation for the holidays at the end of the month to see my in-laws in Europe (since that’s where they live). So I’ll be able to have a good two weeks or so off from writing related activities. Which is good since then a person can see their writing better without being so absorbed into the world and problems.

3. Reading, reading, reading. This is part of taking a break because a good book is definitely a nice way to unwind, don’t ya think? Besides, writers should read to help themselves with learning the craft and staying informed on what is currently being published. Plus, it’s fun!

4. Thinking about my goals for the New Year, which my critique partner, Kinley Baker, and I have already starting working on actually. Writing can be a hobby, but if you’re serious about getting published, it’s best to have goals

5. And lastly, I’ll jump into revisions at the beginning of the year for this novel. Since as great as someone thinks their novel is, they can always improve it. Boy, I can’t wait to begin. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited to start revising before.