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Now that the wedding and everything included is behind me, I feel compelled to update the blog. We got back from our trip to Norway yesterday, but I must keep everything up to date! Eeep.

Okay, now on to other things. I’m back to editing now. Hooray. I received a wonderful critique from my critique partner and feel thoroughly invigorated. Well, I’ll write again later. Now I’m off to get something to drink before I start.


  1. Hey!! I can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding.

    When are you guys coming back? Will you be at the August meeting?

    I know, questions, questions, and questions.

  2. Hey Vicki! I’ll make sure to bring pictures then. =) We’ll be back in Tampa on the evening of the 27th, but then are going to Arizona on the 31st to see my father so that he can meet my husband. After that we’ll be back around the 7th or 8th, so oh yes, I’ll be at the August meeting! I can’t wait to get another TARA boost of writing excitement!


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