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the promised status report

Well, today went surprisingly well. I’m at the beginning of chapter seven (out of thirty-five). Hooray! I can honestly say I’ve done a good day’s work. Three edited chapters! Of course, I’m planning on giving it another run through with a completely printed out version. For now I’m going to go through with the word processor since I don’t want to kill more trees than I have to. I know I could catch some wording errors and scene mistakes before printing it. Word processor is a lot easier for me to copy and paste and delete or insert things that I hadn’t thought of before (though, of course, I have the pre-edited document saved as well in case I want to put back in anything). So I’m calling it a night, as it’s 12:15AM Helsinki time. Tomorrow I’ll be able to be all perky eyed and cotton-tailed and do it all over again!