Rockin’ Reads Giveaway Hop

Rockin' Reads Hop

Hey everyone,

I’m part of the Rockin’ Reads Hop hosted by The Herd Hops. I’ve read several books this year, and surprisingly, I’m well ahead of where I should be for my goal. I’m one book away from finishing it. Basically, I’d hoped to read 26 books this year, and I’ve read 25. But I digress…

RivardThe book I’ve read this year that really rocked was Viola Rivard’s Claimed by the Alphas serial. I started reading it, and I could barely stop until I’d gotten through the set. The plot, the characters, the way she describes the werewolves… Heck, even the cover! All of it was rockin’. It was my first time reading one of Viola’s books, but it definitely made me dig into her other books.

How about you guys? What’s your rockin’ read of the year?

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