RWA Nationals Conference Highlights

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Kinley Baker, me, and Lisa Kessler

I thought about doing a recap of what I’d done at the conference, but that’d take a while, and I’m not sure it’d be an interesting read. So here’s a list of some of the highlights from the Romance Writers of America National Conference I went to last week in New York, in no particular order.

+ Flying First Class because my husband is really sweet. I’d never traveled First Class except once as an unaccompanied minor since there was room, but that’s not really the same thing. I had some wine on the flight, and boy, is it easy to get a buzz at high altitudes!

+ Arriving at the hotel from the shuttle and seeing how huge and pretty darn awesome it is.
+ Going to the hotel room and laying on the soft sofa and then bed. Man, I want one of each of those! Plus, we had an awesome view of Times Square from our window.
+ Having my First Sale ribbon and people I meet congratulating me. That was pretty exciting.
+ Meeting up with my critique partners Kinley Baker and Lisa Kessler. It was awesome to see them face to face and talk. I saw Kinley at last years RWA in Orlando, so it was great seeing her again, but I hadn’t met Lisa before, so that was really nice too.
+ Being surprised after putting some pens in the Goody Room to find out that they’ve actually all been taken a little while later. If you’ve find my website through one of my pens, let me know!
+ Sherrilyn Kenyon’s speech during one of the luncheons. It brought most (if not all) of the table I was sitting at to tears. She is so inspiring, and I love that she’s from Tennessee. *grins* Since I am too.
+ Doing pretty well on the pitches I’d signed up and not sounding like a complete blabbering idiot.
+ Going to several very interesting and informative workshops!
+ The hotel’s room service was delicious, and I enjoyed spending time with my husband who went with me (and caught up on his sleep a lot).
+ Having drinks with my husband in The View, which is a rotating restaurant and lounge on top of the hotel where you can see all sorts of tall buildings including The Empire State building. That was really nice.
+ And finally, having a safe, uncomplicated trip home.
Did you go to RWA Nationals? If so, what were your highlights? If not, are you going next year?

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