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RWA Nationals Day One

Okay, so I’m going to blog about my days at RWA as if real-time tweeting about it wasn’t enough, right? *grin*

Needless to say, I didn’t wake up as early as I’d have preferred, but hubby and I went down to the Dolphin hotel in good time. I registered, and then we set about waiting for an hour to get into the “Readers for Life” Literacy Signing. Good thing we got there early, too. Afterward, the line became HUGE. We walked through each aisle. I got my books signed by Shiloh Walker, Christine Warren, and Kelley Armstrong. I also got bought books from Jessa Slade (who was so awesome and very nice!), Laura Bickle, and Anya Bast. I totally froze up when I talked to Anya Bast, but she was great. =) We also put our tickets in for the raffle, but didn’t win anything. Argh… oh well.

We left that at a few minutes before the event ended, then sat in the hallway for a little to recoop. Blissful moments off our feet. After that, we found where the First Timers’ Orientation was (since this is my first time attending RWA). Hubby sat in the hall outside, and I wandered off inside. Seated myself inside and played with my phone for a bit before meeting my critique partner, Marissa Berry (and her mom =) )! It was great and informative. The speaker, which I can’t remember’s name, was so funny and informative.

I also could relate to what she said about how going to your first conference can make you feel like “an outsider who hasn’t gotten the memo” because everyone is around talking with each other and giving hugs while one sits off alone with no one to talk to since I felt that way at RomaticTimes convention in 2009. I didn’t really have anyone to hang out with. With this conference, I’m excited but I guess I don’t have the rose-colored glasses on and feel more secure in doing whatever. I want to network and meet people, but I won’t let it stand in my way of having a great time and learning a lot. But, I digress!

After the First Timers’ event, my husband and I had dinner with Marissa and her mom at a quick-eats restaurant called Picabu. It was pretty good, and we got to talk and get to know each other outside of the computer! =) We finished eating and went out separate ways. Hubby and I sat by the neat fountain for a while and talked, then we went outside and saw Disney’s firework finale. Nice touch to the evening.

And now, I’m off to bed!