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Six Sentence Sunday 1

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to try out something new. So, here’s goes! These six sentences are when Adara see Rei in human form for the first time.

Her words and anger stuck in her throat as she realized a tiger no longer stood before her. The beast had been replaced by a man. A man with dark brown eyes and a sensual mouth. His large build shocked her. Her kind was tall, yet he towered over her. The sight of him stole her breath.

Jungle Heat now available from Changeling Press.


  1. Welcome!

    …I was a little confused by the first two lines… it sounds like she blinked and instantly the tiger was a man… that quick. I think it's 'cause you used the word 'replaced'.

  2. Hi Monkey! Thanks for stopping by! Actually, she wasn't looking at him when he changed into a tiger. She was walking away from him. These sentences are what happens when she looks back at him.

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