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a small continuation of last week

Thirteen Places I’d Love To See

1. Ireland. Land of fairy tales, beauty, and history. Who wouldn’t want to travel there?2. Italy. Wonderful food and, again, fascinating history (both ancient and medieval, my favorite kinds. Hmm…am I giving away my history fanaticism?)3. Alaska. The great white north. Plus I love snow, and it just seems like it’d be an amazing place to see.4. Transylvania. Once again, yes I had to mention it. I’d love to see Bran Castle and all of the other magnificent things there.5. Lapland. It’s in Northern Scandinavia, especially Finland, and I’ve love to go explore and see what it’s like there. Plus they have cute fuzzy reindeer!6. Greece. More awesome history comes from here.7. Russia. Ah, what can I say. I’m a bit infatuated with this country. Beautiful language, I love Chicken Kiev, fascinating history, etc. 8. Washington State. It seems like it’d be a great place to visit, plus I’d like to see Seattle.9. Northern California. Again, seems like a nice place to visit, and I’d like to see the big Redwood trees.10. Scotland. I think this one goes without saying. Scottish highlands, and of course the pubs! haha11. Ukraine. It seems like it’d be a fascinating place to visit. I love Eastern European history.12. Switzerland. The Alps. I’d love to see those!13. San Diego, California. Well, I’d just love to go to Sea World here and see how different it’d be than Orlando as well as to the Zoo, etc.

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