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Sneak Peek Sunday 4- Jungle Burn

Hey everyone! It’s a new week of Sneak Peek Sunday, and Sabina and Tiago are heating things up! 

Here are the next six paragraphs from Jungle Burn, the final book in my Amazon Chronicles series. I hope you enjoy the excerpt, and I’d love to know what you think in the comments.

“And?” She propped her hands on her hips.

“I might be able to help ease your desire.” He helped her to the ground then settled her onto her back. His hands went to the strip of cloth covering her chest, and he shoved it down, freeing her breasts. He leaned in, his mouth sucking on her nipple as his hand rolled her other nipple between his fingertips.

The sensation of him toying with her breasts nearly made her cry out, but they weren’t far enough from the village for her to do that. If anyone found them, they would both be in big trouble.

Tiago pressed his jeans-clad hips between her legs, grinding his hard cock against her. She bit her lower lip and whimpered. Her response only seemed to embolden him, and he slid his lips down her torso toward her waist. He nipped the skin near her belly, and he gripped her thighs, spreading them open for him. Leaning back, he pushed up her skirt, baring her pussy to the warm night air.

There was no going back now.

Something within him seemed to change, and he’d suddenly become more than the friend she’d had since she was a kid. The intensity in his gaze as he looked her over startled her. Who was this man? Her body tightened, and she lifted her hips as desire rode her.