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So far, so good!

This year has started pretty well! I’m a decent way into the cyberpunk romance novella I’m writing (and loving), and well, I’ve started editing my post-apocalyptic paranormal romance novel. I know I need to buckle down with it if I want to get it edited by my hopeful due date. Also, my desk is somewhat clean, and I’ve already started figuring out what projects I’d like to accomplish throughout the rest of the year. Woo!

Pretty soon, I’ll be putting in an update with my webmistress so you’ll actually see new content on my website. What a shocker! lol That’s another good idea for this year, not leave my website so sad and not updated. I think that depends on the progress I make with getting published though. =)

Hope everyone else has had a great start of the year so far as well!


  1. Sounds like you're off to a good start. I can't even think of a new book until the old one has been purged from my brain;-). Have you started on reading your 24 books?

  2. Hey Linda! Thanks! Yeah, it's challenging to work on both of them at once. But I figure I might as well learn how to do that now while I'm not under editor designated deadlines!

    Yep, I have started on it. The book I'm reading right now is Dancing with Werewolves by Carole Nelson Douglas. =)

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