Looking for Agents and Editors?

Recently at Castles & Guns, there have been several visiting the blog. I’m thrilled with the wealth of knowledge brewing up over there.

Here’s the rundown.

Agent Saritza Hernandez: 10 Answers from Agent Saritza Hernandez She represents, “Primarily romance. I’m currently representing all sorts of romance with a special interest in GLBT-themed erotic romance such as male/male but I also represent gay fiction, urban fantasy, and paranormal suspense. I have several clients whose works straddle genres, but erotic romance is my favorite and what I love to work with the most.”

Agent Marlene Stringer: What’s Hot, What’s Not: A Q&A with Agent Marlene Stringer She represents, “In fiction, Stringer Literary Agency welcomes queries in mystery, thriller, contemporary and urban fantasy, romance, women’s fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, and Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction. The agency also represents select non-fiction.”

Publisher Christina Brashear, Samhain Publishing: Interview with Christina Brashear, Publisher of Samhain Publishing Samhain’s submission guidelines are at

Acquisitions Editor Donna O’Brien, Crescent Moon Press: Interview with Acquisitions Editor Donna O’Brien She’s looking for, “Crescent Moon Press as a whole publishes high quality fantasy, futuristic and paranormal romantic fiction. Me personally? I like the dark stuff! LOL Give me a dark hero that needs to be saved by the heroine or some epic dark drama that they both have to navigate and survive. I also like stories with lots of magic and then I grew up watching sci-fi with my Dad, so that always has a special place in my heart. So…I guess, what…that’s everything! LOL And of course, there must always be the romance.”

Entangled Publishing: Entangled in Publishing’s Brave New World Entangled’s submission guidelines are at

Acquisitions Editor Lin Browne, Crescent Moon Press: Interview with Acquisitions Editor Lin Browne She’s looking for, “Everything CMP looks at—fantasy, science fiction, paranormals and any variation on those themes with some degree of romance. I like it all. I am particularly excited to see science fiction and high fantasy romances. I do read YA, and like it, but I prefer adult-focused books. However, if you have a great YA story, feel free to send it to me—especially if it’s science fiction. I’m also comfortable editing any heat level. CMP doesn’t accept erotica or erotic romance, but if you write toward the hotter end of the spectrum, I’ll look at it. Oh and if you happen to write funny, PLEASE send it my way. I love funny. Dark is good too, but I find funny is much harder to pull off so if you manage it, I want to see it.”

Coming soon:

March 23rd at Castles & Guns: Acquisitions Editor Sherry Soule, Crescent Moon Press.

March 30th at Castles & Guns: Acquisitions Editor Rochelle French, Crescent Moon Press.

I hope this blog helps anyone out there querying and submitting!

July! Conferences, Agents, and Pitching — Oh My!

So, as you all probably know, I’m going to Romance Writers of America’s National Conference this month. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of agent appointments, which I’m happy about, but that leaves me with the impending feeling that I’ll be pitching at the end of the month. Yikes! I’m a fairly quiet person, so just thinking about talking with an agent is enough to make me slightly nervous. I did it last year at Romantic Times Convention, which, besides from one appointment where I got completely frazzled and ended up forgetting parts of my story, weren’t too scary.

Right now, I’m taking a workshop by Bob Mayer on pitching. I enjoy his teaching. I read a Writer’s Digest ebook on writing by him, and I took his Warrior Writer class in December ’09. Both were excellent and informative. So far with the workshop, I feel like writing the perfect pitch that bedazzles an agent is just not one of my strengths. It’s hard to look at my own novel and figure out something to write in one sentence. Argh! But it’s only the first day of the workshop, so I’m sure my pitch will work out. =)

Quiet week

This week has been quiet with the agent hunt. I’ve been making myself scarce from the blogosphere since I’ve begun working on my next novel. I outlined it at the beginning of the month. After that, I stayed busy researching agents and trying to find all agents I could on that have urban fantasy leanings or specialization. Now I’m training myself not to check my email every five minutes, and instead, I’m focusing on getting away from the interwebs. *smiles* It’s a good thing for a writer to do while querying agents/publishers/etc.

But fear not! I shall stay up to date with my blog. In fact, this week’s Friday guest blogger is Linda Andrews.

So far in March…

…I’ve been circulating my urban fantasy with my top list of agents, which has netted two requests (one partial and one full, YAY!) I’ve also finished outlining urban fantasy novel #2 and begun working on it. Now that I’ve finished revising the first one and circulating it, I feel freer to work on a new book, which really is the thing to do when querying agents/editors. I’ve also entered the Guide to Literary Agents “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Will anything amazing come from that? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t hurt to enter. And finally, I queried a short story to a publisher I’ve heard quite a bit about from others.

It’s been pretty active, and there’s been quite a bit of awesomeness so far. I’m hoping for more in the days to come!

The Beginning of a New Month!

This month has gotten off to a great start. I began submitting to agents with a partial request so far. Yippee! (Need to send out a few more to keep a good number out there without saturating the “agent market.”) I had an epic battle with my synopsis, which I won. =) Also, it’s the month of my birthday. I did some sightseeing with my family yesterday at Bok Tower in Lake Wales, FL and went to Keel & Curley winery. Keel & Curley has great wines. Yumm!

Today I’m feeling under the weather. lol Blah… Threw off the idea that I’d spend more time with the family (some of which are in town from Finland), but there’s still tomorrow.

As a new thing on the blog, I’m going to have guests on Fridays. This Friday, we’ll have Tierney O’Malley with us, which I’m excited about. She’s a great writer and a good friend. =)


Wow, it’s already the end of February! This weekend has been great. I’ve finally finished polishing my first novel in the urban fantasy series I’m working on. It has been both a burden at times and really fun at others (brainstorming with my husband was great). I finished writing it December 2008, so it’s been on my plate for a while. I’m thrilled to be able to query agents now! I spent a decent part of the day researching them more. Although, I do have a spreadsheet list set up. I sent out a few, my family went out for dinner to celebrate, and I came back to have my first response asking to me to send a partial! Hooray!

I’ve been smiling and excited all day.

Hello again…

Happy New Year everyone! Recently I’ve decided that I’m going to start blogging again on my own blog. Not sure how interesting it’ll be, but I’ll try to make sure to entertain and not do so many “Here’s an event I’m doing, go check it out” kinds of things. Perhaps I’ll share pictures and other fun things as well. =)

So, what’s been going on with me recently… I submitted to an agent (I’ll keep you informed on how that goes!), I won Nanowrimo, and I completed my third novel, which happens to be the first in an urban fantasy series. I’ve gotten 60 pages of it edited so far. I’m now working on the next in the series, but am running into a little bit of confusion with my plot. Now I need to go through and outline it so that I can get on course.

I also bought an awesome whiteboard yesterday. It even has a small tray at the bottom to hold my markers and eraser. I’m excited about using it.

Also, for everyone on the newsletter, I hope to start back with that, too. Things have been a bit hectic in my personal life, so I’m happy for a new year. Who knows what you’ll find there? *winks* I’m thinking over a few ideas for making it more exciting. I plan to have something in the works on it by the 15th.

Anyways, that’s enough jabbering for me tonight. I need to get some writing done! Hurray!