Now that the wedding and everything included is behind me, I feel compelled to update the blog. We got back from our trip to Norway yesterday, but I must keep everything up to date! Eeep.

Okay, now on to other things. I’m back to editing now. Hooray. I received a wonderful critique from my critique partner and feel thoroughly invigorated. Well, I’ll write again later. Now I’m off to get something to drink before I start.

Another six pages are done! Hooray! Wow! I really hit a stride, too, because it only took me less than 45 minutes to do those, which is pretty amazing. Yay! =)

Anyways. I’m going to bed now.


Six pages! Hip hip hooray! A record has been made! Not that it’s one of the best I’ve done on usual writing terms, but it’s new since I’ve been trying to actively write every day. Approximately 72 pages to go! Yay!

I’ve actually been developing how this book may end up wrapping up. It’s pretty exciting. It actually seems like I have a good idea. Hopefully agents and editors will think the same thing.


Well. I am sleepy, so I must go sleep.


Three pages done and it’s only 6 minutes past midnight, hooray! I’m hoping to get back to my five pages in less than thirty minutes nights, but perhaps I want it too badly to achieve or something. Heck, I don’t know. Oh well.

Well, bedtime, I’m tired. I’ve seen several cat fights tonight made by my dominant little Tada cat, and that has been enough excitement for my evening.

Two more pages written. I’m 75% done with the book, and that number just surprises me… a lot. In a way, I know that I’m probably nearly 3/4ths done, but since my mind isn’t 100% sure what exactly is going to happen in part of that 25% still left, I’m just shocked….

Well, it’s bedtime. I did work on some plotting today, but most of the time that I was going to spend on writing got instead spent on the fiance, which isn’t bad, but wasn’t what I was expecting to be using on it. Oh well. Always tomorrow, right? (Technically later today.)


Oh…yeah…and on a sidenote: Happy Cinco de Mayo! (happy fifth of may =P )… I know in what way I shall be celebrating it.

I’ve written two pages yet again. Not exactly the amount of pages that I want, but this time I’m just plain tired. I did reorganize a few chapters/scenes to new locations that would make better sense and also made a few notes on how some of those chapters would work better with the characters, etc.

I had to go clothes shopping today. That horrid event. It was my last day of work for a few months as well. I’m pretty excited about that. I shall very much so relax tomorrow. I’ll also work on the plotting of my novel. If I don’t then I’m going to end up running out of things to write.

Not too much else I can think of right now.


Two pages, and considering how much garbage I had to deal with from everyone and the very stressful final exam from my psycho professor, I think that’s pretty darn good for the day I’ve had.

Good job for me.


Five pages done. Hooray! I have work tomorrow at 8 a.m. Blah.


Wrote three pages tonight. Fairly okay since I didn’t exactly have any clue of where to pick up at in my novel, since my novel when I started writing it went fine up until a certain point and then it fragmented into several scenes instead of linear plot. Then a few of my ideas changed, which caused a few scenes to be switched around, which also affected the linear plot.

I’ve been filling in the holes that didn’t need much work done to them and that could be easily enough done without a lot of editing. Now that those were somewhat finished last night, it didn’t make things very easy to start tonight, but within a few moments I latched on to an idea, jumped into a brand new scene and wrote.

That’s pretty much all. I’m going to try to work on some editing and plotting within the next few days so that things will flow smoother, but eh… I don’t know.

Bedtime now.

Five pages made! I’ve efficiently rebounced from last night even though there were a few patches during the writing time that I pondered if I’d be able to make it to the five pages, but alas, I was victorious.

I think that I’m going to have my goal be five pages a day. If I were to write five pages every day… that would be about 1,825 pages in a year. Pretty sweet stuff, but I honestly don’t know if I’d be able to do that. Maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit, but it is a pretty intimidating number. If there are 251 business days in a year and I wrote 5 pages a business day that would mean… 1,255. Approx. 600 pages less, but it feels like a less stressful number oddly enough.

Perhaps I shouldn’t think about those kinds of things and just write as much as I can with as much quality as I can. Yes, that’s a good goal. Pages wise, five a day. I shouldn’t stress myself by getting my sight out of focus.

That’s about all for me today.

Off to bed.