Now that the wedding and everything included is behind me, I feel compelled to update the blog. We got back from our trip to Norway yesterday, but I must keep everything up to date! Eeep.

Okay, now on to other things. I’m back to editing now. Hooray. I received a wonderful critique from my critique partner and feel thoroughly invigorated. Well, I’ll write again later. Now I’m off to get something to drink before I start.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I’m off to do a bit of editing and then to bed for me. Stayed out late last night because it was the fiance’s birthday. Now today I have had a rather peaceful 4th of July. Awesome. Tomorrow I’ll work on more editing, of course, and a lot of personal business. I’ll try to get that Thursday 13 done though! Check back tomorrow for that. Nothing else too incredibly exciting has been going on.


Today I didn’t progress in leaps and bounds, but I did go out on the town some. I added a section to an earlier chapter that me and my crit partner agreed would add some luscious tension. Plus it allows the character development to make a bit more sense for how they end up later on. It’s a messy road, but someones got to travel it. Tomorrow I plan on editing chapter seven and eight of the novel. Hooray! Those are two quite long chapters, but hopefully I’ll manage not to get too sidetracked and lured away by the various shiny objects (e.g. other things I could be doing like checking my hotmail or Kristin Nelson’s Pub Rants, lol.)

Well, that’s about it. ‘Night.

The website got it’s monthly update, today! There were quite a few changes to the layout. We made it have more of a feel like that of my blog. I’m really enjoying this change. It’s more savvy and professional looking. Within the next few days there will probably be a few more small changes occurring. Edits to the bio page, projects page, etc. Regarding writerly news, I ‘ve gotten some more pages edited. Two chapters today, actually. Hooray! Tomorrow I’ll work on it some more, but right now. I’m going to bed. I’m exhausted.

That’s about it for now. Keep checking back.


I’ve edited 6 pages today, which is a bit sad, but I did get a critique partner, too! Hooray for that achievement! Tomorrow shall be better! =)

That’s it for now. It’ll be a micro-blog today because I’m pretty tired. lol

the promised status report

Well, today went surprisingly well. I’m at the beginning of chapter seven (out of thirty-five). Hooray! I can honestly say I’ve done a good day’s work. Three edited chapters! Of course, I’m planning on giving it another run through with a completely printed out version. For now I’m going to go through with the word processor since I don’t want to kill more trees than I have to. I know I could catch some wording errors and scene mistakes before printing it. Word processor is a lot easier for me to copy and paste and delete or insert things that I hadn’t thought of before (though, of course, I have the pre-edited document saved as well in case I want to put back in anything). So I’m calling it a night, as it’s 12:15AM Helsinki time. Tomorrow I’ll be able to be all perky eyed and cotton-tailed and do it all over again!


so far, so decent

Well since I last stated that I would really kick it into gear, I have edited the first four chapters of my novel and am currently half-way through editing chapter five. Hooray! Not as much as I would have necessarily loved, but it’s still a good jump on it.

Well, I am just taking a break and eating a bit of ice cream and drinking some cold Coca-Cola on this nice summer day. Now to return my bowl to the kitchen and get back to work!

Another status update later, since I have been mucho lacking in the accountability area recently.

to edit or not to edit, that is the question

So, I’m here in Finland with my fiance and having a good time. I have needless to say not done much editing. It’s sad, depressing, etc. I still have a chance to make it right though. I must get the novel edited!!!!! MUST! I will just try to keep pushing away at it. I keep saying, oh yes, I will edit my novel today, but then my attention gets turned to something else and I am like “oooohhh… shiny object….” and forget my plan of editing until I’m so tired that I’m like…. “edit… sleep… edit… sleep…. oh darnit, I’m going to sleep.” I shall make a change! So, here I am, I shall go off and try to find something to eat, and then… I will get started on editing. Finally. Mark my words, it shall get done!