Beneath the Broken Moon: Part One – Release Day!

Hey everyone! I’m so excited that it’s release day for Beneath the Broken Moon: Part One! In addition to this new book coming out, I’m celebrating the release with a few fellow author friends at Facebook TONIGHT from 5:00PM to 9:00PM (Eastern Time). Beneath the Broken Moon – Release Party! We have plenty of great prizes (including Amazon GCs and ebooks), and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I hope to see you guys there!

Beneath the Broken Moon: Part One
Sarah Mäkelä

Genre: New Adult Post-Apocalyptic Shifter Romance
Publisher: Kissa Press LLC
Date of Publication: April 28, 2015

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Book Description:

Werewolf relationships are all about influence and offspring, especially as they are becoming extinct. But Carmela Santiago resents that type of life. She dreams of falling in love, not following the example her parents have set.

When sensual vampire Derek Ashmore rescues her from dangerous hunters, she tumbles head over heels for him. Not a wise decision since werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies.

Meeting her caring mate-to-be Brendan Kelly has her further questioning the future. Regardless, her life has forever changed now that she’s met not one, but two men who pull at her heartstrings…


Bullets peppered the big screen of the Teatro de la Noche. Screams rang out around me, and I dropped to the floor, pulling my cousin Chandra down with me. Tension ached in my shoulders, and my heart pounded in my chest like a trapped animal, desperate to escape.

Gunpowder stung my sensitive nose, but through the overpowering scent, I caught a whiff of a hunter heading our way. “Chandra, we have to move.”

If Chandra and I didn’t get out of here we’d end up dead—or worse, test subjects for the Cazador—human hunters ordered to scour the land of nocturnes by the plutocratic government.
“How? They’re all around us.” Chandra peeked over the seats before dropping back down beside me. “A few of them are chasing down those who ran from the first assault, but two more are heading straight for us.” She ran a manicured hand through her honey-brown hair, which was only a shade darker than my own. “Come on. I have a plan. Let’s try to sneak out the side door.” She crawled in the opposite direction, down the row of seats.

The sight of my cousin’s butt cheeks hanging out of her short skirt filled my vision; some things were better left unseen. I lowered my gaze, particularly since Chandra had forgone panties. She almost always held herself with an air of power and purpose. Perhaps that’s what it took to get attention from other werewolves. Chandra got it in heaps, but her lower social status stopped a lot of relationships.

While it was a horrible time to second-guess my modest fashion sense, I couldn’t help wonder if I should take a lesson from my cousin. My own blouse and dark blue jeans had much less pizzazz. But I doubted my father would allow me to dress like Chandra; we had a privileged image to uphold.

I bit my lip, struggling to turn my thoughts back to the problem at hand. This was all too much. How could we get out of here unscathed when the roar of gunfire continued to close in?

We reached the end of the aisle. Chandra moved to glance over the seat, when a shout came from the opposite end, startling us both.

“Run, Chandra!” I barely kept my voice to a whisper.

She sprinted toward the bright red exit sign at the front of the theater, and I chased after her, trying to keep my pace natural though her long legs made it challenging. Maybe if they suspected we weren’t nocturnes, they’d leave us alone.

The stomping of heavy boots on the theater’s plush carpets said otherwise. Then again, they weren’t opposed to taking their fellow humans down too. The very rich in power thrived on oppressing those less fortunate. What better way to keep the populace down than to have their thugs strike whenever possible.

“We should split up.” Chandra shoved a heavy trashcan in front of the door, but that wouldn’t be much of an obstacle to the pseudo-military bastards.

“What?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “No way. If we do that, we’ll—” The trashcan scraped the cement as the hunters tried to open the door. Maybe she was right. If we were together, there was a better chance of them catching us both. Alone, we might survive the night.

I nodded to her, and we took off in opposite directions down the alleyway behind the Teatro. The door slammed open, smacking the wall hard, as I turned the corner and headed toward the main street. I had to find somewhere to hide out before the hunters spotted me again.

In front of me, another group of Cazador chased a few werewolves down the main road. I slowed to keep my distance from them, but if I didn’t get somewhere fast, they were going to catch me. Ugh. As much as I loved getting out of the house and going to the movies, I wished I’d listened to my instincts tonight and stayed home.

Two sets of feet pounded the sidewalk behind me. Perhaps they’d spotted me before I reached the corner.

I picked up speed a little, pumping my arms as I struggled to keep to a human speed while staying out of range. The temptation to race through the streets nearly drove me to action, but I glanced back, seeing my pursuers for the first time.

One of the men had greying hair and a rounded belly, which explained the slower, heavier footfalls, while the other guy appeared younger and super-athletic. No wonder I was having trouble getting away. If he hadn’t been so scary, he might’ve been attractive. Pure masculine aggression raged through him, tensing his shoulders as his gaze focused solely on me, his prize. Each man carried a large-caliber handgun. I was just glad they were too busy running to try to shoot me…for now, at least.

My sandal hit an uneven patch of concrete in the sidewalk. My body lurched forward, but I caught myself before I could go down. I should’ve been paying more attention to the street. Up ahead on the opposite side of the road, I spotted a dark alleyway running alongside a row house. If I cut through, I could safely turn up the speed without exposing myself, and lose them.

The older hunter slowed; his breathing had become increasingly labored. He cocked his revolver’s hammer, and I darted across the empty road, making a beeline for the alley. The last thing I wanted tonight was to see Dr. Matthews. Just a little bit farther. A bullet smacked the ground at my feet, hitting me with fragments of pavement. I bit back a yelp, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of knowing my fear.

“I got this one, old kook,” the younger hunter grumbled, and his footsteps slowed too.

Another gunshot pierced the hazy night air. White-hot pain rocked my shoulder, nearly toppling me to the ground. I screamed, unable to hold it in, and picked up speed, no longer caring if I appeared human or not. The faint creak of a door barely registered before a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, jerking me inside the dark row house.

My rescuer softly shut the door, careful not to make a sound, and shoved a hand over my mouth. “Sshhh,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you. You’re safe.” His voice was deep, with an English accent. He pulled me away from the door and hunched down in the darkened room, holding me close, waiting and listening.

RWA Nationals (Late) Wrap-Up


I went to Writing the Bestseller: Six Magic Words by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It was great. I think she had some awesome words of wisdom that really soaked in. One of those is that editors and agents want the compelling story, not the perfect one. I struggle with making my stories perfect before sending them off, but really, we also have to focus on making them compelling.

Next, I went to The Agent/Author Relationship with Jessica Faust and a few of her clients. Most of what they said reinforced what I’ve learned over past few years. I had thought about going to the pitching area during that time, but I decided against it.

I went to the Digital Publishing Q&A. It was interesting, but not as informative as I thought it might be. After that was the Luncheon with Jayne Ann Krentz. It was great. I took a picture of the lunch and dessert on Twitter that day. Chicken, chicken, and more chicken. haha It wasn’t too bad though. The desserts were great.

Went to The Fire in the Fiction: Part 2 by Donald Maass after hearing him talk during the PRO Retreat. Great stuff there. Really enjoyed his workshop and the PRO Retreat. Might have to pick up his books and workbook.

Next was Spinning Straw into Gold. It was by Eloisa James and her editor. It was cool to hear what they had to say about editing and the process she went through with making her book stronger. Would have liked just a little more information about how to apply it to my own projects, but it was good nonetheless.

Active Setting was the last workshop of the day. It was really informative. I felt like I learned a whole lot in it about how to make my settings more active and real and to incorporate them without it being tons upon tons of description.

Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal’s The Gathering was also that night. I went to the Prism awards ceremony, but that was about it. The conference was starting to wear me down with all of the different workshops and things once Friday night hit.


I went to Writing Fight Scenes first thing in the morning with Angela Knight. It was really informative as well.

After that I went to Finding an Agent as an Unpub, which also reinforced a lot of things I’ve already learned while giving a couple of tidbits here and there.

Next was the worldbuilding workshop, which I started getting really hungry and sleepy in, but it had great information and awesome handouts.

I went to lunch with my critique partner, Marissa, during the short break, but due to it not being a very long break, I missed the next workshop time and didn’t want to walk in late.

After that was Business of Writing with Kerrelyn Sparks and her agent, and that was really fascinating. I learned a lot in it.

The last workshop was I’ve Got a Fever: Taking Sexual Tension from Lukewarm to Hot. It played a few film clips and really went in depth on the different wants to build awesome sexual tension. I really enjoyed it as well.

Then hubby (who had been there all day long in his nice suit, haha) and I (who also had been in her nice clothes all day) waited in the hotel’s lobby until became close to time for the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony and Dinner. It was really good. We had great tablemates, and watching the awards ceremony was very much an inspiration. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to count myself among the winners (or at least finalists!).

That’s about it. I’m really looking forward to 2011 Nationals in NYC! I’ve never been to New York before.

RWA Nationals Day Two

So last night with uber-confidence in my ability to not need much sleep, I figured that I would be able to go to the RWA Annual General Meeting this morning from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM. Eh… didn’t happen. I underestimated my love of sleep. So when the alarm went off this morning, I reset it. (Mind you, since I’m local and not staying in the hotel, I can’t just wake up at 9:00 AM and be bouncing off, that alarm went off at about 7:15 AM. I have to count in plenty of time to drive there as well.)

Once I pulled myself from slumber at 10:30 AM, and after getting ready, I was headed toward the hotel for Day 2. I made it to the Keynote Luncheon with wide eyes and a touch of frustration at the fact that I couldn’t pinpoint anyone I even faintly knew. Got seated and ate, then it was time for Nora Roberts’s speech. It was absolutely fantastic and very timely. She was smart and very witty.

After that was the PRO retreat. I struggled between going to workshops or going to the PRO retreat, but after reading more about what was going to be discussed at the retreat, I went with it. It was great. Donald Maass was funny and gave a great keynote speech. Stephanie Feagan spoke as well, telling her story about how she was the winner of a RITA in 2006 and then orphaned after Silhouette Bombshell closed its doors. Then she had to struggle to get another agent after her agent wouldn’t represent a women’s fiction book she’d written, and she had to query 101 different agents just to find another one who would take her in, which is crazy since she won a RITA, one would think it would’ve been easier for her. Really good timing since I have learned how querying agents isn’t a walk in the park. The editor and agent panels were informative and answered some great questions.

When that was finished, I went to the Cabana Bar and hung out with my critique partner and two other authors for a while until it was time for the Moonlight Madness Bazaar. I parted ways with them and saw what all was going on up there. It didn’t have as much as I’d have figured there would be, but I saw a neat leather bracelet maker that I’ll have to look up online. Then I went downstairs and sat in the lobby for a little bit before going home.

Now I’m off to bed!

RWA Nationals Day One

Okay, so I’m going to blog about my days at RWA as if real-time tweeting about it wasn’t enough, right? *grin*

Needless to say, I didn’t wake up as early as I’d have preferred, but hubby and I went down to the Dolphin hotel in good time. I registered, and then we set about waiting for an hour to get into the “Readers for Life” Literacy Signing. Good thing we got there early, too. Afterward, the line became HUGE. We walked through each aisle. I got my books signed by Shiloh Walker, Christine Warren, and Kelley Armstrong. I also got bought books from Jessa Slade (who was so awesome and very nice!), Laura Bickle, and Anya Bast. I totally froze up when I talked to Anya Bast, but she was great. =) We also put our tickets in for the raffle, but didn’t win anything. Argh… oh well.

We left that at a few minutes before the event ended, then sat in the hallway for a little to recoop. Blissful moments off our feet. After that, we found where the First Timers’ Orientation was (since this is my first time attending RWA). Hubby sat in the hall outside, and I wandered off inside. Seated myself inside and played with my phone for a bit before meeting my critique partner, Marissa Berry (and her mom =) )! It was great and informative. The speaker, which I can’t remember’s name, was so funny and informative.

I also could relate to what she said about how going to your first conference can make you feel like “an outsider who hasn’t gotten the memo” because everyone is around talking with each other and giving hugs while one sits off alone with no one to talk to since I felt that way at RomaticTimes convention in 2009. I didn’t really have anyone to hang out with. With this conference, I’m excited but I guess I don’t have the rose-colored glasses on and feel more secure in doing whatever. I want to network and meet people, but I won’t let it stand in my way of having a great time and learning a lot. But, I digress!

After the First Timers’ event, my husband and I had dinner with Marissa and her mom at a quick-eats restaurant called Picabu. It was pretty good, and we got to talk and get to know each other outside of the computer! =) We finished eating and went out separate ways. Hubby and I sat by the neat fountain for a while and talked, then we went outside and saw Disney’s firework finale. Nice touch to the evening.

And now, I’m off to bed!

RT convention

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here. Too long! Wow… A while back, I posted that I’d be attending Romantic Times convention in Orlando, FL. This week (Tuesday-Sunday) was it. There’s so many things that happened, and just the fact that it was my first convention (related to writing) I’d ever been to, I was a little overwhelmed. After a day or two, I started coming down from being so wide-eyed by all of the people and events.

I went to some great workshop/panels on Urban Fantasy and the various other ones they had like Blogging your way to Self-Promotion with J.A. Konrath. That one helped me a lot since I have a blog, but I’m still trying to get the hang of blogging on a regular basis. It was more easy to blog with The Deadly Vixens because I had a set day each week and a basic idea on what topic I’d write about. I think after going to that, I have a better grasp of how to make things work for me though.

I’ll write more about RT in the coming days, and post pictures from the convention that I took, which I’m excited about. Woohoo! Now I need to get back to my novel, which had a few requests. *big grin*

Writing progress/Special news

I’ve been working on my next novel recently, which is one that actually was the first novel I ever started. It’s a romantic suspense piece that I’m excited about. I’ve also been working on editing the paranormal romance that I completed the other day. It’s really interesting to go back to the beginning of a story and start editing since sometimes it’s surprising to see what you have written. I began the paranormal romance novel last November, so rest assure, I have let it that part rest for a good long while!

Also, here’s some news that is very special to me. Today I posted an interview I had the honor of doing with Rhonda Penders, Editor-in-Chief, of The Wild Rose Press at The Deadly Vixens. It really has a long of excellent advice. Make sure to visit and ask questions since she’ll be answering the questions as she stops by off and on today!

I hope to see you there!

Great news!

Hi everyone. I know I should crawl out of my hole more often, and I will really try to! I do have some great news to share. I have completed a 390 page paranormal romance novel. Hooray! Now I have to go back through and edit it. Yuck! =) I’ll try to get back into the habit of blogging on an almost daily basis.

I haven’t done a newsletter in a couple of months either, and I’ll work on getting another one of those up by the end of this month to all of you on the mailing list. If you haven’t joined yet, you’ll be eligible to win my drawing plus get a sneak peak of the novel I just completed if you sign up.

This week over at The Deadly Vixens, we’re having The Wild Rose Press week where we’ve interviewed a few of editors and will be having a couple of authors blogging with us. Make sure to check it out!

Well, that’s all I can think of for now.

Coffee Time Romance Launch Party

I invite you to be part of my Launch Party today!

event: Launch Party
date: April 13, 2008 09:00PM EST
location: Coffee Time Romance,
description: Come join me for my Launch Party. All who attend will be given a small thank you gift, and three people will win prizes in the giveaway! =)

Melody of Love is available for purchase, and so far things have been going excellent! Thank you to everyone who posted a comment yesterday at Simply Romance Reviews and to those who attended the chat at Romance at Heart last night! Congrats to Raven on winning a copy of Melody of Love! Visit me at The Deadly Vixens for my blog today. I am discussing my favorite kind of paranormal creature. Make sure to leave a comment! =)

I have more events coming up soon, too, if you missed yesterday! Tomorrow I will be guest blogging at Romance Reader at Heart and chatting at Love Romances Cafe alongside other authors and readers. I will be giving away prizes at the events, so make sure to check them out!

We will also have Gracen Miller here with us tomorrow guest blogging! Make sure to come back by and leave her a comment! She will also be blogging tomorrow at The Deadly Vixens.