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Flash Fiction Friday – Joining the Mile High Club

Hey everyone! Here’s another installment of Flash Fiction Friday. The prompt was from the Changeling Press Reader’s Group: You just got caught joining (or trying to join) the mile high club. 

I’d love to hear what you think!


Joining the Mile High Club
Sarah Mäkelä

Slipping into the airplane’s bathroom, I couldn’t stop thinking about the hunky flight attendant. My body trembled as I thought of what he might be like in bed. I slid my skirt up to touch myself, hooking my fingers inside my panties.

Did this count for joining the Mile High Club? She huffed. Maybe for the lonely loser’s club.

The door flew open, and I tried to catch it. My foot slipped, and I fell into a muscular chest. My gaze slid up to see the hunky flight attendant’s face.

“Need help?” His lips twitched in a grin.

Was he asking what I hoped he was asking? I nodded.

“I’ll be back in five minutes. Lock the door, so no one else crashes the party.” He slid his hand to my backside and squeezed. “Nice ass. I look forward to initiating you into the Mile High Club.”

My eyes widened.

Flash Fiction Friday – Darkness

Hey everyone,

One of the first things I had published was a Flash Fiction piece, so I’ve decided to try my hand at some fun Flash Fiction prompts, and instead of keeping the results to myself, I’ll be sharing what I do with all of you! 🙂

This week’s prompt is… Write a story in which something transforms into something else.

If you guys want to join in, feel free! I’d love to read your stories and/or thoughts in the comments.

by Sarah Mäkelä

Darkness blinded me. I knew he should be in this building. They’d taken him, but I refused to give up hope. He wouldn’t for me.

Water dripped somewhere in the musky, black hallway, providing the only sound aside from my footsteps. The men had come this way, and a faint energy trail drew me deeper, confirming my hopes that Daniel was still alive.

The connection between us kept me going. Kept me strong.

My foot smacked against something. I froze, not knowing if they could have heard me, even though I couldn’t hear them. When I convinced myself they hadn’t heard, I walked again, slow and steady.

A light swept the hallway then, and I dove out of the way, knowing what that could be. Daniel had warned me of the guards.

Loud snuffling sounded down the hall where the light had been, and a loud howl followed. Muscle ripped and loud snapping bones sickened me. A blast wave of energy rippled out from the corridor, doubling me over from the force.

Now I knew why Daniel had meant by them not being human. Whoever… whatever was down there had just shape-shifted.

The Graveyard Wedding

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The Graveyard Wedding was published in Fall Issue by Runes Online Magazine. October ’05.

The Graveyard Wedding
by Sarah Mäkelä

Walking through the graveyard one night, I came across a wedding procession. All I wanted to do was just visit my deceased mother. What was going on?

It disturbed me, but I couldn’t look away. The moon shone brightly illuminating the event. Only a dozen people were in attendance. It seemed small and quaint. I ducked behind a headstone making sure to keep quiet so I would remain unnoticed.

An immaculate oak table stood behind the wedding party. No dishes or cups lined it. It looked out of place. Why have a table, but nothing to eat?

The bride lifted her veil to kiss the groom. Her smile revealed those sharp, pointed teeth that gleamed in the moonlight.

I shifted my weight and a twig snapped. One of them looked in my direction. I turned to run, but they surrounded me. The groom invited me to dinner with a wicked smile to reveal more pointed teeth. I had no choice. They insisted I join in the celebration.

Next thing I knew they had placed me on the table; my limbs chained. The bride and groom stood to each side and had their toast of me.

M is for Misty Night

Hey everyone. Sorry for the tardiness of this post! You may notice that it’s not a blog post describing a creature of mythology. But, it is on a mythological being all the same in the form of flash fiction for the Blogaversary Blogfest and the A to Z challenge.

I hope you enjoy this piece. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Misty Night
by Sarah Mäkelä

I swam through the sea, exploring my surroundings as fish mamboed around me. Popping my head up out of the water, I noticed the moon shining through the misty night sky. My attention swerved to a nearby island, and I gasped as my gazes met with a huge dark mongrel of myth. His musky scent drifted to my nostrils on the soft sea breeze. A splash sounded from behind me, and I turned away for a moment. But nothing was there. When I looked back to where the large dog had been, it was gone.