meme monday

Meme Monday: Garden Gnome… Bernard?

Wow, this is funny. It’s definitely something Bernard, the gnome from my Hacked Investigations series, would do. Especially when they say about the possible garden gnome. LOL

epic fail  - First My Socks, Now My Dinner!
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Meme Monday: Sketchy Santa

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I decided to go with a Sketchy Santa today. This one is pretty hilarious since I have a black cat who would probably react the same way. *grins*

Meme Monday: Minecraft

No, it’s not writing related, but I love Minecraft (and I also love Sean Bean). What is Minecraft? It’s a really fun and creative building/survival game that my husband got me into. So I decided to share. *grins*

internet memes - Just One More Block....

Meme Monday: Writer’s Block

This week, I’m starting something new on the blog! Yes, they’re funny, and sometimes pretty darn insightful. Here we go…

You’d be surprised at just how true this can be sometimes.