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Blacklist RogueBlacklist Rogue
Hacked Investigations, Book 3
Sarah Mäkelä

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Book Description:

When MAX Home Security tries to hire their private investigation firm to prove the corruption the company is on trial for occurred without the knowledge of the upper management, Ian and Hannah are reluctant to help.

Unfortunately, MAX’s legal team thinks it looks good for their PR to have Hacked Investigations involved, forcing Ian and Hannah’s hand. But Ian’s headaches are getting worse, and Hannah and Ian will have to rely on each other even more if they stand a chance of getting out of this mess alive.


Ian Bradley hit send on an email to one of Hacked Investigations’ frequent customers. This time, the business owner had needed him to check on his future partner to make sure there wouldn’t be trouble if he signed the partnership agreement. Ian had the potential business partner’s email hacked in no time, and within five minutes, he’d completed his task.


The client was paranoid, and, even if Ian thought those types of assignments were frivolous, he had a paycheck on its way.

Slender, feminine arms wrapped around his chest as Hannah hugged him from behind. Her lips brushed his earlobe, and her velvety tongue slid along the edge of it. “Now that we’ve wrapped another case, how about we celebrate?” Her voice was a low purr.

He shivered and placed his hands over hers. “I’ll be right there. Let me shut down the computer. Bernard has been surfing some nasty porn sites. I’m not chancing that he’ll get another virus on my machine.”

Hannah nibbled his neck, and he groaned. She pulled away, trailing her fingertips over his chest and shoulder.

Swiveling in his chair, he watched her saunter toward the bedroom. Once she got to the doorway of the bedroom, she looked back at him, giving him a seductive smile.

Ian grinned and then spun around to face the computer. He changed the password again, tweaking the system’s safety features, and shut it down.

From the living room, he heard Bernard, the pint-sized gnome, talking in hushed tones entirely different from his usual loud, obnoxious demeanor.

The urge to see what mischief Bernard was getting into nearly drove him toward the living room, but Hannah’s sexy smile won out. He headed toward the bedroom, thinking of the things he’d like to do to her. His hand was hovering over the doorknob when the phone rang.

Sighing, he walked to the office phone, but it fell silent.

From the other room, Bernard spoke in an annoyed, yet strangely husky voice. “Uh huh. Well, buster, I don’t care who you are. There’s someone important on the other line giving me some, uh, juicy details about something,” Bernard said. He had a slight manic pitch that always grated on Ian’s nerves.

Reaching for the phone and fearing the worst, Ian hoped whoever had called their business line wasn’t already completely insulted by Bernard’s behavior. He mentally made a note to keep Bernard caged when at all possible.

“Oh, stop your whining. You can call back later.” Impatience picked up in the gnome’s voice as did his volume.

Ian barely managed to pick up the office phone as he heard the other phone slam onto the receiver in the living room. “Hello? Anyone there?”

“Ah, Ian, hello. It’s been a while.” Senator Kendall’s voice came through clearly.

On Thin Ice is Now Available!

Hey everyone, the sequel to Stolen (Super Powered, #1) is now available for purchase at Changeling Press! It was a year and a half in the making, but I hope you all enjoy Kit’s story.

Here’s the blurb, excerpt, and buy links. 🙂

Super Powered 2: On Thin Ice
by Sarah Mäkelä
Genres: Paranormal, Action Adventure/ Suspense, Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Buy now:


A superhero discovers a reason to fight… love.

When Kit blows a field assignment and the thief he’s supposed to be chasing escapes, his superiors aren’t pleased. At least until they discover the woman Kit saved — the distraction that let the thief get away — has powers of her own.

Erica’s nightmares have led her to a dark and dangerous place, but with Kit, somehow she feels safe. Together they set out to trap a thief — and rescue one another from themselves.

Read an Excerpt

Interview with Guest Author Lilly Cain

Hello everyone! Please help me welcome Lilly Cain to the blog today.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I am from Nova Scotia, on the Eastern Shore of Canada. I have two beautiful, tall, smart daughters, a big family nearby and a comfy house and a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere that I share with my parents. I have an evil cat (aren’t they all?) and three horrible little hamster rat things. Shudder. Although my bio says I am a wild woman that is just something I play at, in truth I am a quiet nerdy gal who loves sci-fi movies and a good romance.

2. When/how did you know you wanted to write?
I’ve been writing a long time but only became a serious writer after my second child was born and my then husband decided to leave. After I recovered somewhat, I took to writing as a means of therapy, and it helped, especially when I needed to give someone a very bloody ending, LOL!

3. How long did it take you to get published?
I decided I wanted to publish in 2008. I work hard and wrote a book that will never see the light of day. Then I wrote another. The spring of 2009 I sold Dark Harmony, my first book, at the RT conference in Florida and it was published January 2010.

4. What’s your favorite part of being an author?
I think it is exploring things that I am curious about – the research and the writing allows me to do that. Sometimes that means exploring an attitude, sometimes it means finding out about Celtic mythology. 🙂

5. Tell us about your newest release, UNDERCOVER ALLIANCE.
Undercover Alliance is the third book in my erotic sci-fi series, The Confederacy Treaty. It’s not quite the end of the series, there is one more, but it is action filled, both in bed and out, as the humans and the Inarrii – the alien representatives of the Confederacy – come closer to a peace treaty that could save our world. In this book we meet an Inarrii warrior whose career is on the out – she was injured in an earlier book and no one expects her to survive. She’s given one last tour of duty as a bodyguard for one of the paper-pushers of the treaty on the human side. She figured it’s a pity post, and perhaps it would have been except the man she’s sent to guard is actually an undercover human spy sent to protect the treaty from the inside. But word leaks and he’s a target, with only his Inarrii bodyguard there to save him…

6. What inspired The Confederacy Treaty series?
Strangely I was watching NCIS, and found myself a little disappointed with the plot (it happens, even to the best of shows) so I started to play what if. What if the girl accused of treason was innocent? What if she fell in love with her accuser and he with her while they tried to prove her innocence? What if he could read her mind? See what she saw? What if they were in outer space?? This became The Naked Truth, which is the second book in the series. After I’d completed a rough first draft I realized there was an earlier story to write, and that it would become a series.

7. Which has been your favorite book to write?
I think Undercover Alliance was my favorite. It was kind of a James Bond experience for me, writing the action scenes and the sex scenes. Lots of fun!

8. What are you working on now?
Right now I am doing something a little different – a series of very short novellas for Carina Press that are light, contemporary erotic romance. The series is called Bad Girls Know… and book one is called No Reservations. 🙂

9. What advice do you give to those who are just starting out or trying to become published?
What I tell every writer is…Read, Write, Read, Write…repeat. Make writing and reading (lots of genres!) a big part of your life.

Undercover Alliance 
The Confederacy Treaty Book Three
By Lilly Cain
Carina Press

Sarina is scarred. Her L’inar, the curving nerve lines that enable Inarrii to experience their full sexuality, were severed in battle and she can no longer reach completion. Until she accepts a job as bodyguard to the human ambassador John Bennings, and is astonished to discover that they share a mental bond—a mirrored pathway of thoughts that will allow Sarina to climax.

When John’s the target of an attack and they are forced into hiding, he’s not sorry to be in close quarters with the compelling Sarina. They explore their erotic connection, and John is happy to demonstrate that humans have more sexual skills than Sarina thought.

To prove that she is whole and rejoin her Inarrii clan, Sarina needs John to bring her to climax in public in accordance with tradition. With a roomful of Inarrii and humans watching, will John be willing to perform as Sarina needs—and will their public display make John vulnerable to another attack?

About the Author:

Lilly Cain is a wild woman with a deep throaty laugh, plunging necklines and a great lover of all things sensual – perfume, chocolate, silk! She never has to worry about finding a date or keeping a man in line. She keeps her blond hair long and curly, wears beautiful clothes and loves loud music. Lilly lives her private life in the pages of her books.

Lilly lives in Atlantic Canada, although she spent eight years in Bermuda, enjoying the heat and the pink sands. She returned to her homeland so she could see the changing of the seasons once again. When not writing she paints, swills coffee and vodka (but not together), and fights her writing pals for chocolate.

When not living up to her pen name, Lilly is a single mom who loves reading and writing, dabbling in art and loving and caring for her two daughters. She loves romance and the freedom erotic fantasy provides her imagination. She loves the chilling moments in her novels as much as the steaming hot interludes. Her stories are an escape and a release, and she hopes that they can give you that power, too.

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