New Release: Surrendered (Titania’s Court)

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that my latest book is now available. This one takes you back into the world of faeries, elves, and the Seelie Court. It’s a companion book to Captivated, but they do standalone.

In celebration of the release, Total-e-Bound is offering the chance to win 5 eBooks if you purchase one of the books in the Titania’s Court collection! Just click on the banner above to get started.

Sarah Mäkelä
Genre: Fantasy & Fairytales/ Paranormal
Length: Novella
Page Count: 47
ISBN: 978-1-78184-376-5
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Release Date: 7/12

A mercenary who skirts light and dark must protect a reclusive Seelie noblewoman, but when they discover a common link, they must surrender…

Niamh McNamara has always been a little different from the rest of the Seelie Court. Their natural mirth and playfulness is something she has to force, so she won’t stand out much during the midsummer’s festivities. That becomes nearly impossible when an attempt is made on her life by a violent masked fae. Content with seclusion, she’s unhappy when the queen requests her back at court to meet her new bodyguard.

Doyle Kearney is mercenary who skirts the light and dark courts. Some think he’s Unseelie, while others are sure he’s Seelie. When Queen Titania brings him to protect a sullen noble, he almost refuses—he’s a warrior, not a bodyguard—until he sees Niamh. His body reacts to the golden goddess, but he can’t forget how his noble parents had easily tossed him aside to protect their titles. He questions if she’ll do the same if he surrenders his heart.


Summer’s warm magic glittered in the night air. Nature drank deep of it and flourished with life and growth. The delightful party playing out around Niamh McNamara didn’t interest her one bit. As a member of the light court, she should’ve enjoyed the merry festivities that Midsummer’s Eve brought on, but her sour mood wouldn’t let go of her. Then again, she’d never been like the rest of her people.

Darkness constantly ached within her chest beneath her golden appearance. Before she’d been able to ignore it, but now it wasn’t so easy, especially after overhearing whispers about her from the other members of court. Hiding away had helped, but she couldn’t always stay hidden.

Queen Titania had requested her presence back at court for a while, and when the queen asked, one didn’t say no. The queen held a special interest in seeing Niamh, as a female noble, commit to a worthy relationship. At Niamh’s age, she should’ve at least had one potential suitor, yet she did her best to avoid them and had been fairly successful.

Niamh took another sip from her goblet. The faeries around her sang, laughed and danced, yet she could barely gather the enthusiasm to smile. How cruel life was that she had to watch their happiness while she didn’t share their feelings.

There were men who seemed determined to court her. The more she dissuaded them, the more eagerly they flocked to her. A familiar male elf took her elbow to sweep her off to dance, but she brushed off his hand. “Sorry, I’m not interested in dancing at the moment.”

Another reason why she preferred to stay away from court these days. She hated presumptuousness and what tended to happen next.

His face fell, and confusion creased his brow. The lady next to Niamh gawked at her like she was crazy before grabbing the male’s hand and waltzing away with him. The lady leaned close to him and whispered something, causing them to both break out into laughter.

Niamh bristled. She didn’t want to feel like an outsider amongst her own people.

A happy, albeit drunken, pixie flew by her, nearly colliding with her shoulder. The tiny being apologised in a high-pitched tinkling voice, then it was gone, darting away to join a group of pixies near the mead.

Most of the pixies there had already drunk their share. Their amorous personalities, combined with the summer’s fertility magic, heated the group until their moans of pleasure chimed through the warm breeze. Others nearby reacted to the intimacy, their clothes slipping off in their fervour.

Yet another sign of how nature’s power innately affected the Seelie.

The group she stood with were still chatting merrily amongst themselves, though their attention was beginning to drift to the playful fledgling orgy.

Niamh slipped away into the forest, making sure no one saw her. She needed a break from the laughter and shallow niceties. Her face ached from the plastic smile she wore for the party. Once safely out of view, she leaned against a tree and let out a ragged breath. Her fake smile fell, and she stared into the sky between the leaves. If only she were home, away from the misery of joy she had to force. Warmth and happiness permeated the air around her, but a part buried within her retracted from those emotions, shying away from the silky caress. Most of the time, she wondered if she had something wrong with her. Darkness held solace for her while light made her aware of what she lacked.

The snap of a branch startled her, and she peeked around the tree. No one was there. Thoughts about her inner darkness dissipated. Her shoulders tensed, and she strained her ears to hear more signs of movement. Another twig snapped behind her, and she nearly jumped out of her skin.

Before her stood a man in an elaborately decorated mask, which covered most of his face. A dark hood and cape cloaked the rest of him, making it impossible to distinguish any of his features. He was most definitely fae like her—he had that kind of aura. He must’ve hidden his wings beneath his grand cape.

She looked him over with a frown. Why was he here, away from the party? Especially dressed as he was? I left the party behind to rest, not to give someone the opportunity to make my acquaintance in private. She sighed but forced herself to smile.

A scream caught her attention from the party, turning her towards the sound, but the laughter that followed reassured her that everything was still safe.

The foreboding man spun her to face him. He clasped his hands around her throat, and slammed her folded wings back against the tree. Her head bounced against the hard oak. She clawed at his glove-covered hands, trying to get him off her, trying to draw air into her lungs.

He smashed her against the tree again, but his grip slipped slightly.

“What do you want?” she squeaked, gulping in air.

“You. That’s what I wanted.”

She’d never heard this man’s voice before. How could he want her while she couldn’t figure out who he was? He must’ve used glamour so she wouldn’t recognise him.

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Jungle Burn is Available!

Hey everyone! The final book in the Amazon Chronicles is now available for purchase! I did a little something different with this one. It has some ménage in it. Yum…

Here’s the blurb, excerpt, and buy links. 🙂

Amazon Chronicles 4: Jungle Burn
by Sarah Mäkelä
Genres: Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Ménage, Shapeshifters
Length: Novella
Buy now:


The new Amazon Princess chooses between a close friend who wants her and the object of her desire…

In the series finale, Sabina Rukan is ready to find her mate. She must choose between her close friend, Tiago, who lusts after her, and the object of her desire, Rafael. When the three of them come together, Rafael discovers the feelings between him and Sabina are mutual, and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his mate.


Sabina Rukan knocked on the door to Tiago’s hut. He’d been her closest friend for a while, even though her parents had always preferred her to socialize with the other girls in the village. She didn’t really care. Growing up as Princess of the Amazons, she couldn’t help a slight feeling of entitlement.

The door to his hut opened, and Tiago stood there shirtless with a faded pair of jeans hugging his hips. He smirked at her with a wicked quirk of his lips.

She trailed her gaze over the muscular expanse of his chest. Seeing all his bare skin made her want to nibble on his torso and bask in its warmth. For the past few weeks, her hormones had gone into overdrive.

She’d noticed the werepuma men taking a greater interest in her, which was embarrassing, and yet her parents were still convinced she wasn’t ready to become a woman. If they weren’t going to trust her, she needed to take matters into her own hands. She’d known just who to come to.

He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. “Sabina, how are you doing?” His nose twitched a little, and his brown eyes darkened, as they tended to do whenever she came around. He wanted her, and she wouldn’t mind having him, either.

“I’m doing well enough. I need to talk with you.” She held on to his hand, pulling him out of his hut. With her being a weretiger, she had comparable strength to his, but she’d been taught not to use her full strength from a young age. That would only hurt people around her, which she was very careful about.

He didn’t look too sure about this, but he shut the door and followed her. “Where are we going? Why aren’t we talking in my home? There’s more privacy in there than out here.”

She stopped, turned to look at him, and sighed. “Not really. You know as well as I do, if someone wanted to listen in on our conversation, all they’d have to do is stand outside your door and concentrate. That’s not okay with what I need to talk about.”

At just that moment, a couple of male werepumas walked by them and looked her up and down. One halted his progress, his eyes flashing upon her as if he wanted nothing better than to push her to the ground and ride her. Her out-of-control hormones were a primary cause for the sudden surge of crudeness she faced, yet her Amazon kin wouldn’t understand.

Sabina was different from them. She was the only female werecat in the village, and in many ways, it felt like she’d been cursed. Her parents had forbidden the werepumas to tell her secret, and Kyle — their leader — made sure his people knew the lengths he’d go to help make sure the Amazons didn’t find out before they were ready. They weren’t sure the Amazons would stand behind her as they did her mother, the queen, or even her father or Rubia and Kyle. None of them was a creature next in line for the throne.

Frowning, Tiago shrugged. “Fine. Take me wherever you think is safe.”

She walked with him through the village, her gaze set straight on where she was going. Her shoulders were tense, but Tiago used his free hand to squeeze one of them slightly. “Relax,” he said.

Sabina let out a breath and took him into the trees. They didn’t go far, just enough to have some privacy. “Okay. I…” She paused, not knowing how to go about this. Her usual carefree personality stumbled with letting this off her chest. How could she ask him about her needs? “I was wondering…” She shook her head. “I’m sorry for bothering –“

Tiago hooked his index finger under her chin and forced her to look at him. “You’re not bothering me. Just let me know what’s on your mind.” He stared into her eyes, his gaze intense even in the dark night.

“I need sexual release.” The words left her lips before she could cage them. “I hear the mated women and men in their huts, and my body burns like it’s caught in a bonfire.” She licked her suddenly dry lips, and his gaze dropped to take in the swift motion.

“And you’ve come to me with this request?” His tone was carefully neutral, but the bulge at the front of his jeans spoke louder than his words.

She nodded.

“Your parents would kill me — hell, my parents would probably help — if I claimed you without their permission.” The wicked quirk of his lips teased her. She wanted to punch him in the face, but that wouldn’t help her cause.

“And?” She propped her hands on her hips.

“I might be able to help ease your desire.” He helped her to the ground then settled her onto her back. His hands went to the strip of cloth covering her chest…

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News Bytes

Hey everyone! The Skin Deep blog tour is in full swing! Yesterday, I was interviewed at My Home Away from Home, and I received a nice review from them.

“This book had the right amount of steamy hot romance. I especially liked this story because of the forbidden romance. … I’m happy I tried a new type of read.” – Brittany, My Home Away from Home

Today’s stops are at Books Books and More Books, which features a guest post, a review, and my contest, and Books & Tales where I’m being interviewed.

“The author did an excellent job of making her series stand out in a very crowded genre by twisting together just the right combination of mythology. … Hopefully, this entertaining and sexy series will see many future installments.” – Heather, Books Books and More Books

I also had a great review for Her Christmas Elf recently from The Romance Reviews.

“This is a very magical and uplifting story that will make your Christmas a little brighter. It is a short and steamy read that will warm you up even on the coldest winter day. There is some great chemistry between Vera and Pekka that practically sizzles off the page.” – Katie, The Romance Reviews

And finally, I’ve had two more books contracted!

Surrendered, the companion story to Captivated, will be coming out Summer 2013 with the Titania’s Court collection.

Jungle Burn, the series finale to the Amazon Chronicles, will be coming out March 2013.

Jungle Blaze is now available!

Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that Jungle Blaze, the third book in my Amazon Chronicles series, is now available for purchase!

Here’s the blurb, excerpt, and buy links. 🙂

Amazon Chronicles 3: Jungle Blaze
by Sarah Mäkelä
Genres: Paranormal, Shapeshifters, Erotic Romance
Length: Novella
Buy now:


Sol has seen others around her find their mates, and she’s determined to find her own, except the man who has caught her eye is standoffish and has no intention of getting into a relationship.

Eduardo, the second in command of the werepumas, has no interest in the mating going on around him, but his stern attitude is about to change when he finds what he didn’t know he was looking for — Sol.


Soft moans filtered into her sleep, and Sol Rios blinked open her eyes. Drowsily, she pushed herself into a sitting position and rubbed her hands over her face. Sleep wasn’t her friend anymore. Not since her neighbor, Rubia, had mated with the werepumas’ leader.

The quiet sighs of pleasure gained intensity and became more insistent, more demanding. Her hands balled into fists. Dampness and warmth gathered between Sol’s legs. She squeezed her thighs together against the cruel sensation.

This was crazy. She had to get away from here. Would it look too suspicious if Sol asked Adara, the Amazon Queen, if she could move her hut? Rubia and Adara were friends. Sol didn’t know if there would be a problem, but she would have to come up with a good reason, instead of just complaining about the… noise.

Once dressed, she stepped out into the night.

Darkness blanketed the village, and only a few torches here and there provided light for her to see. She headed toward the center of the village where the Amazons and werepumas held their feasts. Embers glowed hot in the fire pit. She sat beside it, enjoying the heat and the night sounds of the rainforest.

A few guards — both Amazon and werepuma — were prowling the catwalks, and one of the Amazons noticed her with a wave. She returned the kind gesture then lowered her gaze to the coals. Toasty warmth caressed her skin. She wrapped her arms around her legs, hugging them to her chest, and then rested her chin on her knees.

Movement drew her attention away from the fire pit, and she caught sight of a tall, lithe figure striding from the village’s entrance toward her. Torchlight revealed his face, and she sucked in a breath. The werepumas’ second in command. What was his name again…? Argh, she couldn’t remember.

She was thankful for the darkness; otherwise, she’d have run.

Her gaze followed him as he walked past without even looking at her. She buried her face in her legs, wishing she had what the others had. More of her people were finding their mates, yet no one paid her any attention. Especially not the man she found most attractive. He didn’t even spare her a glance.

At this rate, her womb would become barren before he even made eye contact. She shook her head, shrugging off any pity for herself. Peeking over her shoulder, she saw the pumas’ second in command standing in front of Rubia’s hut. Even from this distance, she saw tension in his posture. Maybe Rubia and the werepuma leader were still rutting like wild animals.

Sol turned away before he felt her gaze on him. Not like that would matter much. She hadn’t seen him look or talk to any of the other women aside from Adara, Rubia, and a few Amazon guards. All occasions were strictly for business. He didn’t seem to possess much charm or charisma, just a stern, no nonsense attitude, and yet Sol couldn’t help the attraction she felt toward him. What was wrong with her?

Faint footsteps approached her from behind, but maybe he was just leaving the village again. It didn’t mean he’d have any reason to talk with her. Right? The sudden encompassing silence unsettled her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a pair of denim-clad legs. Her gaze slid up those strong legs and over his solid chest until she stared into his dark blue eyes.

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News Bytes – CAPTIVATED is Contracted!

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited to announce another contract! Woohoo! CAPTIVATED, a steamy fantasy romance, will be coming out December 2012 from Total-E-Bound as part of their Oberon’s Court winter collection! Yay!

I’m really excited about this story since it’s the first time I’ve really dipped into the fantasy realm. Although, I have to say, I had to do lots of research to make sure my elves and faeries weren’t completely off-target. I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I’m looking forward to writing my story for the companion collection Titania’s Court for Summer 2012. I already have it outlined.

Here’s to give you an idea of what Captivated is about. 🙂

Honora Butler is a mercenary whose purpose is the disposal of wicked faeries, elves, and Unseelie beings after her family was killed by a dark elf, but she’ll find herself questioning her mission when she meets Brennan, a dark elf who doesn’t conform to what she believed his kind were like.

Brennan O’Niall doesn’t know what it is about Honora that makes him crave her, but he’s willing to find out. However, when she’s charged with the death of a friend, he’ll have to find out the truth and decide just how much Honora means to him.

Woohoo! Thanks for celebrating with me, again!! 🙂 This has been a great summer!

News Bytes – SKIN DEEP is contracted!

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Hey everyone!

I’ve been quiet and pretty busy lately since I’ve had a lot of things going on. Hubby’s birthday, a nice vacation in Las Vegas (woot!), a blistering sunburn and a cold… wait… those aren’t good things lol, and my five year anniversary was yesterday.

I’m really excited to announce that SKIN DEEP, a steamy paranormal romance, is contracted with Etopia Press! WOOHOO!! I’m thrilled to be working with them. Currently, I’m going through the whirlwind of blurbs, taglines, and cover art ideas. Yay!

Here’s the 50-word pitch I used to give you an idea what Skin Deep is about. This pitch helped get me a request from my editor, Rachel Firasek! 🙂

After a painful break up with the love of his life, Connor (a werewolf) is set on winning back Angelique regardless of the power she possesses. He has a secret of his own, which may wedge another gap between him and his flighty ex-girlfriend, but answers are the least of their concerns. 

Woot! Thanks for celebrating with me!

EDIT: Blacklist Rogue is up for DRB1stChp’s Best of June 2012 for Cover and First Chapter! I’d love your vote. 🙂


I have awesome news to share today! I was offered contracts for two stories (one is cyberpunk and the other is a paranormal romance).  I’d done a pitch session during DigiCon at SavvyAuthors in February, and I got two requests. So! I sent them off. Recently, when I checked up on one of them, I was told they were in the contest since they’d been submitted during the time when it was going on. Well, I tied for the win! Yay! 😀

I’m blown away and super excited! If you’d like to read the “contest winner info,” it’s here under Extras.

For everyone that followed me during the A to Z Challenge, my typical blogging schedule is Mondays: writing topic, (new thing) every other Tuesdays: guest blogger, Wednesdays: paranormal/mythology topic, and Fridays: about my books/me and my Weekly Wrap Up. Today is obviously off-topic, but I so can’t hold in this news until Friday! haha

If you’d like to be a guest blogger here, please email me at sarah (at) sarahmakela (dot) com.

Lots of news to share

I sold a book to Firedrakes Weyr! Hooray! As of right now I’m not sure on the release date, but when I find out I’ll let you guys know, too. I’m so excited to begin this new process. I turned in my cover art information as well, so I can’t wait to see the results of that, too!

Today, I’ll be participating in a radio show at Passionate Voices Internet Radio between 3pm – 4pm EST. Listen in if you can!

That’s all for now. I’ll share more when I know it!

Well I have just become completely fed up with my website at Bravehost. I don’t know what they’re doing, but I have done an account activation around three or four times now and they still keep saying that I need to do it again! Ugh! So I think that Kal and Rottn have the right idea. I’m going to do update type things here, though I guess I’ll try to see if I can do something with my website sooner or later. This is just quicker and easier when I want to update my adventures in publishment land!

Well… there is some new news. I had a poem published in Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine yesterday. It’s called Flight for Peace, so check it out. I’ve been so lazy recently though, and actually really busy with University, too. I haven’t submitted any new submissions, but I still have eight pending. One of those are shortlisted as my awesome Aussie crit buddie, Kal, would say. The place said that they would get back in touch with me later this month, and I really hope that it works out. It would be my second paying publication! (DKA was my first.)

Previous publications that I’ve had: two flash fiction pieces in Runes Magazine (one in Summer and one in Fall), a poem in Sage of Consciousness Online Magazine (Vol. one Issue two), and a poem in Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine (October).