Entertaining and Informative from Twitter this week

So, I’m a proud Tweeter. I think it’s a great way to network and keep up with what’s going on. Here are the things that I’ve found highly appealing this week!

Yes, I possibly spend a little too much time on Twitter, but there’s so much useful information to be learned. So what I’m also utilizing the ability to live vicariously through others able to attend Comic Con as well? =)

Entertaining and Informative this from Twitter this week

I’ve gotten back to using Twitter, and I have once again become emerged in the brilliant information those that I follow give. I’m not going to give all of the things I’ve found this week since I didn’t keep all of the links, but here are a few.  Hopefully they’ll entertain or be enlightening you guys as well.

  • — On Characters by Lilith Saintcrow. An awesome blog post that gives a lot of great tips and information for writers wanting to utilize their characters better.
  • — A funny link to a movie trailer Norwegian Ninja. My husband and I laughed throughout the entire trailer.
  • — Formula for a Query Letter by Jill Corcoran is a really interesting article/blog. It gives step by step information on writing a query letter, what to have in it, what not to have in it, and why.
  • — 4 Tips For Making Time to Write by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D is an except from her book, Book in a Month, which I actually have sitting on my shelf waiting for me to try out. Hmmm!
  • And last but not least… — The Official music video for War by Poets of the Fall from the Alan Wake (video game) official soundtrack. I *love* Poets of the Fall. They’re a band from Finland, and they’re very, very awesome. Great song, which the music video was only released this week.

Here I am again

I haven’t been paying as much attention as I want to, to social networking recently, which means that my blog, twitter, etc. have been neglected. Sorry about that. I have some pretty transitional things going on right now in my personal life. And that’s also made me fall off the wagon with writing, reading, and going to the gym. Yikes!

I have read Ilona Andrews’s novella from the Must Love Hellhounds anthology as well as started the novel Magic Bleeds. The novella was great, and the novel so far is absolutely awesome! I very much recommend her Kate Daniels series. I drop everything to read those books.

I’ve been trying to pull myself back to my neglected WIP the past couple of days. It’s been a bit like pulling teeth. I stare at the computer screen and then some shiny idea comes along and I end up browsing the internet, so I decided to put pencil to paper, which was the way I wrote several years ago. And it’s given me a little bit of a boost.  I seem to be able to focus better.  So, I’ll go continue on sharpening my pencils with my newfound electric pencil sharpener and focusing on getting words down on paper.

I’ve done it…

I finally signed up for a Twitter account. *takes a couple of deep breaths* Don’t think I’m going to be tweeting 20 times a day, but one of the reasons why I signed up is to follow others that have insightful things to say. It also seems great to be able to relay short messages instead of having to think of a lot of things to say for a blog entry. And finally, it’ll be a way to network with others, which is a goal of mine for 2010. I’ll put up a Twitter button to my blog soon, so watch for it. =)