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The Things You Learn On Twitter…

It’s National Punctuation Day! lol

I didn’t know there was a day dedicated to punctuation, but I guess it makes sense. Here’s the website if anyone is interested in seeing it. One of the things they have in celebration of the day is a Punctuation Haiku Contest. I tend to stick with writing novels instead of poems, but I figured I’d try one out here.

Commas dashes quotes.
What would I do without you?
I don’t want to know.

In other news, I’m nicely settled into my new home. Yay! I’ve started back to work on my writing. I’m currently in the midst of edits for my paranormal romance short story (or novella, depending on submission guidelines), Jungle Heat. Soon it shall be ready to find a home. It’s being reviewed by my awesome critique partner, Marissa, at the moment. I’m also in the process of finishing up the remainder of tweaks on my urban fantasy novel. Can’t wait to work on plotting my upcoming National Novel Writing Month project, a historical urban fantasy about werewolves! I’m so excited! It’ll be the first thing I’ve written that really focuses on werewolves, and also, the first historically based thing that I’ve written.

Anyways, back to work!