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Day three of “The Seventy Days of Sweat: Writing Challenge”

Today was the first day that I participated and I managed to get done 800 words. Hooray! I have sweated for Sven! (That’s a great name.) It’s pretty good since I didn’t know which story I’d work on until I sat down and tried to spot which would be easiest to dive into on the spot. I decided and am feeling great about it! I’m getting “the flow.” =)

Plus, I’m only 1450 words behind now for the Sven says Sweat! challenge. Double yay! I’ve made progress!

I’m now off to get some sleep, and well work on plotting my National Novel Writing Month project for November 1st. I’m a crazy cat.



  1. Thanks! You’ve been doing great on your word count, too. I love your blog! I’ve done Nano for the past two years and “won” (wrote 50,000 words) each time. It’s a neat challenge. =) I can’t wait to do it this year.

    Each year I try to see if I can find a better way of doing it. Last year was challenging, so I’m figuring that all of the time procrastinated talking with my hubby will be time that I can write this year. I’m probably being too idealistic, but ah well!

  2. Every year I think I’m going to do the NANO and then chicken out. You’re a brave crazy cat!! 😀

    Glad to see you back on the blog world. We missed you.

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