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U is for Upier

Upiers, are from Eastern European folklore. Mainly from Pomerania, a region of modern Poland. These vampires, differ from the rest of their kind in a somewhat drastic way. Unlike normal vampires, upiers are awake between noon and midnight, giving it an extended period of awareness during the day and protection against mortal threats. Having an unquenchable thirst and vicious nature, the upier steals and devour the hearts, which it probably values as much, if not more, than the blood itself.

While still being vulnerable to the classic decapitation and stake through the heart method, the upier is less affected by clerical measures, and it has a degree of indifference towards charms or crosses, which is typical to Slavic tradition.

However, one can protect himself by baking bread that has vampire blood mixed in with the flour before baking. This apparently makes the person smell partially tainted or appear less desireable to the upier. To prevent a person from becoming upier, one must bury the corpse facedown with a cross of willow near major arteries, such as neck, armpits or chest.

Interesting tidbits:

  • It has a barbed tongue that allows it to pierce its victim’s skin. In addition to its sharp teeth, of course.
  • They can walk in sunlight during the day.
  • The Russian version of this vampire, the Upyr, is known to be very vicious. It attacks children and then their parents.
So, what are your thoughts on Upiers? Have you read, watched, or played something with one in it?


  1. Angela, thanks for the comment! I agree. They are disturbing.

    Patricia, thanks for stopping by! I love learning about different vampires and myths too. =)

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