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Well I have just become completely fed up with my website at Bravehost. I don’t know what they’re doing, but I have done an account activation around three or four times now and they still keep saying that I need to do it again! Ugh! So I think that Kal and Rottn have the right idea. I’m going to do update type things here, though I guess I’ll try to see if I can do something with my website sooner or later. This is just quicker and easier when I want to update my adventures in publishment land!

Well… there is some new news. I had a poem published in Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine yesterday. It’s called Flight for Peace, so check it out. I’ve been so lazy recently though, and actually really busy with University, too. I haven’t submitted any new submissions, but I still have eight pending. One of those are shortlisted as my awesome Aussie crit buddie, Kal, would say. The place said that they would get back in touch with me later this month, and I really hope that it works out. It would be my second paying publication! (DKA was my first.)

Previous publications that I’ve had: two flash fiction pieces in Runes Magazine (one in Summer and one in Fall), a poem in Sage of Consciousness Online Magazine (Vol. one Issue two), and a poem in Dragons, Knights & Angels Magazine (October).