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Wrote three pages tonight. Fairly okay since I didn’t exactly have any clue of where to pick up at in my novel, since my novel when I started writing it went fine up until a certain point and then it fragmented into several scenes instead of linear plot. Then a few of my ideas changed, which caused a few scenes to be switched around, which also affected the linear plot.

I’ve been filling in the holes that didn’t need much work done to them and that could be easily enough done without a lot of editing. Now that those were somewhat finished last night, it didn’t make things very easy to start tonight, but within a few moments I latched on to an idea, jumped into a brand new scene and wrote.

That’s pretty much all. I’m going to try to work on some editing and plotting within the next few days so that things will flow smoother, but eh… I don’t know.

Bedtime now.